Commissioning service

Commissioning service

Our company has advanced production equipment and abundant technical strength, with one commissioning technical center and six professional departments as boiler, turbine, I&C, electric, chemical & environment and gas turbine. After many years working on commissioning, our company has accumulated rich experience, established high efficiency organization structure, trained skilled technicians, cultivated perfect work style and developed standard technical management. Our company is able to undertake 4-5 commissioning projects at the same time. 

Qingdao Huachen Weiye Electric Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.,granted with A Class of Power Engineering Commissioning, mainly focuses on commissioning service for various coal-fired power generation,  gas combined cycle generation, biomass power generation, waste incineration power generation, photovoltaic power generation and related desulfurization and denitrification commissioning, chemical cleaning and commissioning for transmission and transformation and transformer substation. 

Our company has successfully completed more than 30 abroad units, including India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Zambia, Kirghizstan, Kazakhstan, etc., and more than 30 domestic units. Through domestic and abroad engineering practice, our company is capable of providing comprehensive commissioning service, especially abroad engineering projects. Based on rich commissioning experience, our company is expert in DCS configuration, setting calculation, performance test, etc., as well as FCB, RB, APS and other techniques. Our company has developed unique advantage on commissioning, and is able to provide reliable technical supporting on project quality and period for international EPC power plant projects.

The unique commissioning advantages:

The unique commissioning advantages:

1、Wide coverage of technical service

Our company can provide comprehensive technical service, such as technical consultation of EPC project, DCS configuration, electrical setting calculation, commissioning, chemical cleaning, performance test, desulfurization, denitrification, etc. With rich abroad and domestic power engineering and management experience, being skillful in abroad and domestic test standards, our company can provide reliable technical supporting for EPC projects.

2、Outstanding service

As a private enterprise, we know that the high quality service is the fundamental of the survival and the source of the development. Our company has established excellent service sense and made it as the core business concept, which is always implemented in each project. By this concept, our company's international reputation is continuously improved with increased cooperative partners, which is the solid foundation for long-term sustainable development.

3、Well-rounded FCB technique

For current international power plant EPC projects, the FCB function is the necessary requirement by owners. Since the capacity of the domestic power grid is very high, and the thermal power coexists with the hydropower, the thermal power plant has no special requirements for the FCB function. But for some less developed countries, for the reason of low power grid capacity and weak anti-interference ability, the power grid collapse accident occurs more frequently. Consequently, the FCB function is required, especially for new-built units.

Based on accumulation and successful practice of many abroad projects, through rational improvement of the feedwater control procedure and parameters control of the boiler load, turbine speed, steam drum level, boiler fuel oil, furnace negative pressure, etc., after FCB action, high & low bypass valves would open quickly with pressure automatically adjusted and boiler load would thus decrease to a proper point, MFT caused by drum level would be prevented, FCB success ratio would be increased, unit safety can be ensured and we can be assured that the whole process is proceeding without manual intervention, which once again proves our commissioning capability.

4、Achievement of APS (Automatic start/stop) function

APS function is also required in many international projects. The achievement of this function can reduce the amount of operators and misoperation frequency, and improve the unit automation level. By means of many years’ engineering experience and a great quantity of logic and equipment tests, our company is able to provide comprehensive solution for the APS function, and through combination of these functions, unit sequence control start & stop is thus realized, which also provides a necessary technical foundation for the high-end market.