Performance test

Performance test

At present, most of the new units require contractors to adopt this regulation to perform the turnkey project acceptance test. Test indexes mainly include power plant net heat consumption and net output. For these two indexes, no matter fine line or rejection regulation is very strict, which is the core issue for owners. In addition, boiler efficiency, turbine heat consumption, auxiliary power rate and important auxiliary equipment performance tests are also required. Other required test indexes include equipment noise, emissions (particulate matter, gas, waste water, etc.), steam purity, deaerator efficiency, desulfurization and denitrification (if any) efficiency, FCB function verification and so on. It is generally required to adopt a very strict international standard ASME series of standards. One of the most important is ASME PTC46.

ASME PTC46 regulation results represent the ultimate power supply economic index of power plant, so the assessment has practical significance. It is the measurement of the entire power plant performance; such as heat consumption (or coal consumption) and power, it covers boiler, turbine, generator, auxiliary equipment, piping and all other equipment. Simply speaking, it directly takes the fuel consumption and on-grid energy as the final economic measurement results. It does not distinguish boiler, turbine, generator, auxiliary equipment and pipeline and it is regardless of the interaction among various links. The boundary of test is the entire power plant. Only coal characteristics, ambient temperature and power grid cycle could be corrected.

Rich experiences of commissioning and performance test in India, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Nigeria, Zambia and etc; realize the owners’ habits and thinking ways, easy to grasp the negotiations direction and take the initiative.

Full range of unit type, covering from garbage unit, biomass units to 660MW supercritical unit, as well as CFB, pulverized coal furnace, and gas turbine combined unit; be familiar with the equipment distinctions of DEC, SEC, HE, Wuhan boiler group, Jinan boiler group and Qingdao turbine group and etc, so potential common problems could be prevented in advance and technical bottleneck left lack could be avoided.

Integration mode of commissioning and performance test; Commissioning director responsibility system can reduce the wrangling and responsibility attribution problems; effectively utilize the trust with the owners built during commissioning to facilitate the smooth start of test, especially the demonstration test and auxiliary equipment test. 

The test team has strong English negotiation ability and can negotiate directly with the owner's test supervisor. Enhance mutual trust with the owners and avoid the negative impact caused by poor communication; improve the negotiation efficiency and avoid the phenomena like deliberately creating difficulties and fussing from the owners caused by poor technology.

Our company is one of the few companies in China that have adopted ASME PTC46. As issued late and not widely used, it is seldom adopted in China while it was ignored overseas due to wide application of PTC6 in early time. Even currently there are only a few units in China that have PTC46 test experience.

Actively participate in the evaluation index control in earlier stage; carry out the early time performance risk analysis and prevention; adopt the way forward to help customers control the technology.